How to Increase Your Business Working Capital

How to increase your business working capital

What is working capital?

Why is working capital important?

What is working capital used for?

  • Purchasing inventory
  • Paying short-term debt
  • Meeting operating expenses

How do you calculate your company’s working capital?

How do you calculate your company’s working capital

How does a company increase access to working capital?

Why is bank financing no longer a viable option?

Alternative lending options

What is invoice financing?

Is invoice financing expensive?

  • Accounts receivable volume
  • Average collection period
  • Customer concentrations (diversity of the customer base)

What are the benefits of invoice financing?

  • Professional accounts receivable management: Experienced A/R professionals can effectively work with your customers to improve collections.
  • Dispute resolution: An invoice financing company can act on behalf of its client to manage disputes.
  • Enhanced risk management: Gain access to credit advice and information to better assess the creditworthiness of new customers. Avoiding bad debt leads to greater financial stability.

The solution is liquidity



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